MBTI, Starsky & Hutch and the world is my idea (part 2)

cloudy sky photoshop

This isn’t really ‘part 2’ – I just felt the need to write more about part 1;

When thinking of birds in trees, particularly, for some reason, during the autumn, or perhaps even the winter, I think back to my literature lessons in school.

The poet, Chaim Nachman Bialik, one of the pioneers of modern Hebrew Literature often wrote using the metaphor of birds – I suspect he identified them as being strongly connected with the precarious world he grew-up in during the late 19th and early 20th Century in Ukraine.

El Hatzipor (To the Bird) is one of Bialik’s most famous poems describing the mother bird protecting her chicks underneath her wings, providing comfort, assurance and protection and, the need, the pull for those same little birds to one day grow and fly the nest; he used this as a metaphor for the protection of the old ways of living within the Jewish Community of Eastern Europe (think, Fiddler on the Roof), with its religious traditions and superstitions alongside the pull of modernity, science, arts and the confines of the Shtetl. (The character played by Michael Glaser in same movie)

When thinking of loneliness, viewed through the specter of human perception, I am often taken back to the writings of Alexander Trocchi, the Glaswegian Beatnik, best known for his existential writings and the novels ‘Cain’s Book’ and ‘Young Adam.’ In the collection of his short stories and essays with one of the best titles of any book, ‘Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds,’ Trocchi describes the words of a priest who describes the human predicament:

‘… perhaps when you are my age, the priest was saying, you will realize that only God can be in you. Men can be with but never in you. And women too. To men and women you are always another. This is why you can be most lonely with the person you love most. A frantic desire to be absorbed. Impossible. That is the root of heresy’

I guess, what I am describing is an intuitive perspective on life, viewing the world through the metaphors that spring from our inner-selves.

And lo, a charm of Goldfinches has just landed on the tree. 🙂


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