Doncaster Dementia Celebration Event

Great blog from Wendy’s Doncaster adventure!!!

Which me am I today?

Yesterday – Day 3 of Dementia Awareness week – found me in Doncaster for the above event. Michele Clarke, Strategy and Delivery Manager for NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group had contacted me a while ago to see if I would talk about my experience of young onset diagnosis and my involvement in research and technology. Also speaking was the lovely Professor Claire Surr from Leeds Beckett University. So the theme of the day was research and how they can get more into the community.

It was another lovely sunny day and the smiley faces on the pansies outside the railway station were enough to lift anyone’s spirits. The fogginess, which had lived in my brain for the last 2 days was beginning to lift and was now simply a nuisance mist so the day was looking good.


Michele had arranged for a colleague, Lucie to pick me up from the…

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