Visiting times

I am sure I have written about this before, in relation to my thoughts about the whole visiting times situation in the UK. Thanks to the work of John’s Campaign, the status quo is being eroded and the wards are being unlocked. For me, I return to questioning where my passion for this came-from; IContinue reading “Visiting times”

Pictures, anxiety and Gouda

I have been getting worried about how I will describe all that I have seen and done during the past couple of days in Gouda – departing from my usual style, I am going to use my preferred means of communication… pictures – Note – anyone visiting or travelling here from the UK, the pronunciation…Continue reading “Pictures, anxiety and Gouda”

Teal, Gouda & Buurtzorg

Today, I am in Gouda, Holland. Tomorrow I am talking at a Microsystems conference in the local Green-Heart hospital. I don’t have much of an idea what it will be like, who will be there or even what I will talk about. Sure, I have a PowerPoint ready; as to whether this is what theContinue reading “Teal, Gouda & Buurtzorg”

Snippets (vii) Giffnock (ii) Iggy

I heard Iggy Pop on the radio yesterday. One of the things he said, that has stuck with me is, he didn’t realise how great the 70’s were at the time. The 70’s – a strange, dust-covered decade sitting in my memory. It might be what I return to in my old age. It wasContinue reading “Snippets (vii) Giffnock (ii) Iggy”

What I learned today…

  I have had the most amazing day – not only did I get to sit on The Angel of the North, I went to Fountains Abbey with my family and wandered round the beautiful ruins & gardens (if you haven’t been recently, it is worth the trip!). I also attended the Agile Conference inContinue reading “What I learned today…”

Person-Centred Teams & People

Before I say anything, I’d like to begin by thanking the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme for starting me along this journey, and, Helen Sanderson for making it meaningful. If anyone is interested in reading more, please check-out Helen’s books or Helen Sanderson Associates’ website. I have written a few blogs about Person-Centredness – mostly how weContinue reading “Person-Centred Teams & People”