Mindfulness & breakfast

Recently, when I am out walking Maisie, I have been listening to the Tim Ferriss Podcast. Tim is a one-off – a writer, philosopher, entrepreneur, martial artist, linguist – I guess you would call him a polymath if that were something we still had today.

The purpose of his podcast is to talk with and learn from ‘high-performing people’, that is those who are the top of their game, the experts, masters and world leaders.

Tim has interviewed hundreds of people and two themes have emerged – commonalities; these are meditation as a standard practice, part of their daily routine, and, not eating breakfast. There are possibly more, but it is these two that stick in my mind.

As to why meditation, well, there is lots to say about that – it is good for the heart and the soul, it calms the nerves, can help sleep, pain and creativity. So said Buddha and more recently those researching Mindfulness.


I could probably kill two birds with one stone by getting rid of my breakfast routine and spending the time doing 10 minutes’ mindfulness.

Maybe I’ll try this today.


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