Snippets (vi) Giffnock (i) Shul

When I was about ten, my mum used to send me off to the local synagogue to join-in with the choir practice. For a Jewish mother to see her son on a Saturday, singing with other little boys, on the bimah, dressed in scratchy shirt and tie is something special.

I hated the choir.

I couldn’t sing and even though Revered Levy* (an absolutely incredible man), the cantor, gave us Kit-Kats (when they were in-favour with the Manchester Beth-Din), I never liked going.

On this particular Thursday, my brother Lloyd drove down from Dundee where he had just qualified as a doctor. He had my dad’s old Opel Kadett. He and mum thought they would pick me up afterwards, to save me the 20 minute 1980’s walk home.

I wasn’t there. In fact, I hadn’t been for weeks. I had taken my choir sessions and gone off to the local park, where I would spend the hour wandering the woods, looking for wildlife, dreaming of Action Man and other phantasmagoria.

It was a funny time.

*Please watch the video of Reverend Levy on this link.


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2 thoughts on “Snippets (vi) Giffnock (i) Shul

  1. I missed this one first time. Amazed at your recall of detail and love the fact that a)mum entertained the idea and b) that you dogged choir practise – brilliant x


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