Snippets (vii) Giffnock (ii) Iggy

I heard Iggy Pop on the radio yesterday. One of the things he said, that has stuck with me is, he didn’t realise how great the 70’s were at the time.

The 70’s – a strange, dust-covered decade sitting in my memory.

It might be what I return to in my old age.

It was such a haven, comforting, yet, probably quite boring in comparison to today.

I wonder if in 40 years’ time, my kids will look back on the 2000’s with the same nostalgia?

Sure – things weren’t all great – for God’s sakes, we had Thatcher.

Things have improved – lots; but many are worse. Loneliness, social isolation, the one per cent, or the 48%, refugees, ISIS; our natural world.

I think I am trying to find-out how my children perceive the world, not through my eyes, but theirs, and the act of even thinking this probably makes it impossible.

In the end there is the music which does seem to be better and better.

Thank God for Radio 6.


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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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