Gouda and This is me

I probably should be going-over my presentation for this evening – which, on reflection is too long at 110 slides (that is where enthusiasm gets you!), yet, I couldn’t resist adding a few thoughts to the blog on where I am and what I am doing.

I have finally gained a better understanding of why Suzan, Renee and colleagues have asked me over her to speak – it has to do with This is me; these are the documents that we have been using in the UK for some years and which more recently in Doncaster we have taken to the next-level.

They are a form which can be filled-in by the patient, their friends, family or carers which describes a little of who they are – where they were born, their family, where they have lived, likes, dislikes and preferences. They have become a key tool in the way we support the patients on Mallard Ward, and, thanks to the work that is on-going, the way we help all the patients in the hospital.

You see, This is me began as something to support the care of people living with dementia, on Mallard we broadened this to patients with delirium and indeed all our patients and so the march goes-on; why shouldn’t we get to know all of our patients as people, why should we be limited by their past medical and drug histories? Does it not make the relationship much deeper when we know that Sadie was the youngest of 12, or, Jeff ran his own company or, for that matter, that Mabel doesn’t like bananas?

All these little bits, these fragments of who we are, where we have been and what we have done contribute to our whole – to the holistic entirety of our selves.

So, this is what I will be talking about – this and some other things…

Now to the editing –



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