Here I go again, moaning about medicine… Well, I can’t help myself this time – I can’t remain shtum and let things go. Now it relates to ‘SDAT’ – does anyone know what that means? Heard the term used in one of the the hallowed assessment units located across our country? In the outpatient clinicsContinue reading “‘SDAT’”

Dementia, Bruce Lee & Conservation of Energy

Originally posted on Dr Rod’s Odd Blog (almondemotion):
The law of conservation of energy states that in a closed system, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Energy flows through every interaction, engagement or conversation between people; in everyday life, mostly there is a give and take, a volley of information, movement, listening…

Obese appendix

Now… I was ear-wigging this morning. I know it is a bad habit, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself. I had been called to see a patient on the surgical ward – an old woman & when I say ‘old’ (rather than ‘older’) – I am justified this time; she was 100. I wasContinue reading “Obese appendix”

Glasgow tenement tiles

Cold tiles & musty stair-well.   Shutters over hardwood doors and light struggling from first-floor window.   Air still, like frozen time & the clock on the mantelpiece monitors each moment as everything slows-down & every breath is like a forever.   *Photograph of Glasgow Tenement Tiles by @TnmntTiles – please check out the Twitter Site

I remember Uzi

Uzi Not just the name of a machine gun But also The name of a retired engineer Living in Ra’anana; Recently emigrated from Essex. I couldn’t For the life of me Understand the Hebrew mathematics. I somehow missed-out on the minus times minus And The minus times plus logic That today is second nature andContinue reading “I remember Uzi”

Is it good if it feels bad?

Let me start with the premise – if something feels good, say, my dog’s smiling face when I return home from work, then surely this is a good thing; I feel happy, my dog is happy, (presupposing she has a sense of happiness) and the world moves-on. Now, let’s think of a scenario when IContinue reading “Is it good if it feels bad?”