Before the Flood

I watched Before the Flood today.

Rami told me about it;

I had actually seen it as a National Geographic trailer last week over in Holland on the hotel TV.

It is Leonardo talking about Climate Change.

And how, essentially… by next Wednesday, we will know whether the planet is doomed

Well… perhaps we are doomed.

Yet, we can’t think that way; we aren’t programmed for such universal pessimism.

And I urge everyone to spend 90 minutes watching the movie.


And listen to

The guy from Nasa, Piers Sellers, an astronaut and climate scientist who incidentally has metastatic pancreatic cancer and, was the most convincing. His hope, optimism and energy counterbalanced the overwhelming negativity of bleached corals, disappearing Pacific atolls and fat uber-corporations.

It was a piece of television stultification – showing both the enormity of the problem and our powerlessness to do anything about it; the politicians follow the people and the people follow… Who?

I have always loved Hieronymus Bosch – the convoluted caricatures of demons and angels, children, cats and dogs.

Leo describes his relationship to Bosch’s painting ‘before the flood’

Take time.

Listen to the words.

Cut-down your meat consumption, lobby the government, slow-up and smell the roses.

It will all be gone before we know it.

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2 thoughts on “Before the Flood

  1. Thanks for bringing this film to my attention. Watching it right now while the US election results are coming in. Not looking good for ethical leadership in any area let alone climate change. But, as you say, it starts with us.


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