Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement starts with feeling adequately secure to admit your insecurity. Being able to question without feeling threatened, to challenge without risk of demotion.

Quality Improvement is, love.

How can we have love in an environment that is exposed to the bureaucratic, regulatory and social vicissitudes of the NHS? How can we move beyond quid pro quo into multitudes?

Quality Improvement is, fun.

We need to see that people are at their best when they are happy – when they can experiment and fail, commit to absurdities and not feel bad about wasted time or money, to speculate in folly.

Quality Improvement is, connection.

When people are supported, facilitated to connect with friends and strangers, to see that there are just as many who share similar perspectives as there are those who differ – that our system can act as a bridge, a cantilever to others, to end loneliness.

Quality Improvement is, meaning.

We cannot cure all ills. Just as we prolong life and find treatments for diseases and conditions, new pathologies will arise, there is no destination in healthcare – we can never confess to arriving at our goal; we must seek meaning through other means – by improvement; doing more, better.

By doing more, better with less we will show the naysayers that there is always an alternative, that not enough is not an excuse; we can find the roundabouts that lead us to possibilities.



For Mrs Storer


Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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