Want to make a difference to the wellbeing of people in Doncaster? (Advert)

Wellbeing… Do you want to make a real difference to the lives of older people living in Doncaster? Are you interested in supporting people to maintain independence, stay living at home and enjoy life? Do you want to have more control over they way you work, and feel part of a team? Do you wantContinue reading “Want to make a difference to the wellbeing of people in Doncaster? (Advert)”

Funny… De-diagnosing (&de-prescribing)

It’s funny – well, at least to me, in my world of not so funny things; I was going to start this with, ‘Most people will have heard of de-prescribing…’ Then, I realised I didn’t know what I was talking about. This is groupthink & being a specialist all congealed into one. I’ll start atContinue reading “Funny… De-diagnosing (&de-prescribing)”

I may be right?

I think, probably, I know what I am doing. I agree with what you have said. Move in direction A, indicate, prognosticate, plan or decide; determine, direct, suggest or propose. This is how it should be; this is the solution. Yet, there is something inside of me, gnawing, making me question. Everything. Yes. Question whetherContinue reading “I may be right?”

I step out and fall back in time

Yesterday. Last year. 1980. Dozing on speckled carpet. Icy windscreen of rusting Mini. Cocoon of Friday afternoon in front of the telly, after school, winter. Heavy, cherry-wood sideboard under the stairs and mysterious books lining the walls; Shakespeare the eternal Bard, dark curtains hiding the entrance; behind which an old-fashioned Singer sewing machine; w/ foot-plate.Continue reading “I step out and fall back in time”

There is no money

There is no money, the coffers are empty. I hear this so often at work, it has become a mantra. The flip side is, when the coffers were full (the good old days) we were too busy spending to appreciate what we had. Austerity versus plenty. Two sides of the same reality. Both jangling inContinue reading “There is no money”