Let’s pretend

Let’s pretend I know more

about you

than you know about me.


Let’s imagine I can think-up

or, perhaps

generate in my mind’s eye

scenarios that you don’t realise are possible –


a little like I am running at full speed and you are ambling.

45 vs 78

distorted, but not enough for anyone to worry


get uptight

or anxious

or call-out, call foul, shout for a penalty.


Let’s imagine

I can see a little bit further into the future

than you,

I can see around the corners

through cracks

that are mostly obscured

by soot

and dust

that to you are just things

but to me are more than, that are.


Just imagine

I can jump from a cliff across the ocean,

That I can take a breath and draw-in the world


all memory, past, experience present and future.


I will laugh.

I bet I will

and what expression will pass over your face.

your punim.

Happy or sad



It is just a game

where we each must accept

there is no first or second place

there is no better or worse

There just – is

I am

you are

we go, we stay, we hope or wish.


Twisted and tangled



to escape.


We one day will come together

and find a solution

a way


of this mess

of the




Whilst there is time, gain the advantage, take cover and move with stealth.

If you don’t, if you do not, who is to know



Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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