I may be right?

I think, probably, I know what I am doing.

I agree with what you have said.

Move in direction A, indicate, prognosticate, plan or decide; determine, direct, suggest or propose.

This is how it should be; this is the solution.

Yet, there is something inside of me, gnawing,

making me question.


Yes. Question whether the certitude I possess is appropriate or feasible.

Surely, most of us have a certainty quotient.

The Earth is flat. It will take a certain amount of evidence to convince me otherwise.

It is raining, cloudy or cold. All of this, determined by my sensations – we exist in a world controlled by our perceptions.

Yet, some will walk around (in the cold) and feel (or, at least, profess) warm. Their perceptions  differing to mine. (Usually, generally, cold, so long as it isn’t July)

And, left or right; my political affiliations. Benefit of the doubt or shoot first and ask questions later, corporal or capital punishment or establishing the causes of crime and remediating. (aka a social disease)

Equality or competition. Standing on the shoulders of giants or the faces of peers.

Elbowing the competition or considering the needs of others.

There is me and you; Chaos or Community.

How can I be confident of my solution? What directs my compass towards the North, when you, you feel the pull of the South?

There is the objective. Objectivity is relative. If ten people think you are crazy, are you mad? A thousand? A million?

At a point, you must cast-off and accept it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it is what you determine; taking fate in your hands and stepping-out. Risk.

Either flattened by the reality juggernaut or crossed to the other side.

Some of us must do something.

Sitting around, is certainly worse.

Do, do, do.



Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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