One thing new

I attended the BMJ/IHI conference in London this week.

It was an intense 48 hours of presentations, posters and chaotic queuing for coffee.

Leaving the event last night and now sitting to reflect on one new thing I learned what jumps-out is not the Ranulph Fiennes, Robert Winston or Don Berwick talks – which in themselves were great, but the little story I took off Twitter on the way home:

The Starfish Story.JPG

This was shared by Brian Dolan. I have written about him before in the blogs, in relation to his patient safety, quality and improvement work.

I love the simplicity of the concept described in the tale.

One person at a time. Everyone matters. This is person-centred care translated through a seaside allegory. I love it.

It makes me reflect on the work I do – which at times can be frustrating, to the point of perceived futility.

Moving patients around the health and social care system, sending them down what turn-out to be blind alleys is frustrating. Rehabilitation, intermediate care, home from hospital, outpatient, A&E, OPD, ITU – all deteriorating sentiments of an overloaded system.

What is important and where we must return is the individual starfish.

The you and me encounter that is between doctor and patient, colleagues, innovators and laggards – one at a time, one on one.

Ignore the blur of transformation.



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