Forward and Back *two

Here is another interpretation of social media, the past and depression; there is a theory, that social media – Facebook in particular, acts like a memory and experiential sieve. It pulls-out predominantly good experiences and demotes the negatives. This might sound like good and common sense; after all, is that not what we do withContinue reading “Forward and Back *two”


OK. It is Dementia Awareness Week 2017. Now, until Sunday the 21st. If you want to see what was going-on last year, look here. Today, we released to the world, via You Tube, our most recent film, focusing on Person-Centred Care and Dementia. Just because you have dementia doesn’t mean you stop being you. DementiaContinue reading “Dementia”

BMJ/IHI International patient safety conference 27th April 2017

Eat a healthy diet
Celebrate success
Get enough sunlight
Move around
Practice mindfulness
Get enough sleep
Spend time with family and friends