transaction or transformation?

So, what is it you want?

Where do you want to live, work and grow old? Transaction or transformation?

I guess I had better add more detail to this question – in its base form it is a little ambiguous.

I’ll begin with definitions:

Transaction – this relates to the physical and material transactions of everyday life; the give and take, the concrete. What we can count, add-up, subtract, and join together. It is the data; the binary digits whirring past on a Matrix screensaver, pass or fail, Littlewoods scorecard. Black and white.

Within transaction there is no grey – just good or bad. Yin and Yang. A world of absolutes and certainty. My way or the highway.

A transactional world is safe. It offers a veneer of certainty under which none of us know what is bubbling. Superfice. Plastic, mechanistic, Le Pen (in its extreme). I am on top and you are beneath.

Transformation – where to begin? It is the zephyr. Quixotic. Ever-changing cocktail – metamorphosis.

Butterflies transform – the rest of us just transact;

Transform is non-linear, it is embracing uncertainty; one and one can make Pueblo – not just within a Surreal fantasy, but actually. Here, in my living room. Now… yes, yes!

It is absurdum and deathly seriousness. Laughter. Tickles. Cackles and left field.

Transformation is iridescence; Neon Tetra. Free-running & Parkour. Jackson Pollock, Jean Genet and Mephistopheles in conversation; Mother Theresa and Christopher Hitchens. Unexpected and unpredictable. Wicked.

Where do you go? Where do you head? Which pathway is more effective, which will take you with more certainty into tomorrow?

Transaction will get you places, like a Zimmer it will get you to your doorstep and maybe the end of the street; that is likely to be it. Suffit.

It hasn’t yet been done – Pole to Pole on a Zimmer; it is possible, just not through transaction.

Transformation is the reality of our world; it is the unpredictable pattern of elections and disease spread, it is heretical and unexpected, Mandelbrot-sets and chaos. It is what makes a joke funny. It is what makes a Netflix original different from all the rest of the plots that pass before your eyes.

Transformation is explaining love or hate or fear. Anxiety, hope and tomorrow. It is the colour between me and you. It is the pattern my tropical fish follow when searching for food; current plus existential imperative.

Let me narrow-down the field. Let’s focus. On


Here is a transactional equation…

Finite resource + Increasing demand = ?

More and more with less and less.

Where to go?

The answer, stepping into the fourth or fifth dimension (Heather), it is spiralling out of control, laughing and joking, dancing, singing, considering all alternatives and entertaining the absurd.

dr who

We need transaction.

Without the data, the documents, allergy status and past medical history, we are left in chaos. We are spinning, rootless.

With just the data we will walk the Earth eternally missing the shooting stars.

Transaction and transformation, now you are talking!

Wed them and you might just get somewhere.

All or nothing, left or right, you’ll walk round in circles until, tired from the effort you die.


Acknowledge ambiguity.

Accept that you don’t always know what will happen tomorrow, When, how or why, and maybe, perhaps, maybe, you might just…

Quiet, quiet, then



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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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