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It is Dementia Awareness Week 2017. Now, until Sunday the 21st.

If you want to see what was going-on last year, look here.

Today, we released to the world, via You Tube, our most recent film, focusing on Person-Centred Care and Dementia.

Just because you have dementia doesn’t mean you stop being you.

Dementia is a disease – it is horrible, vicious and, nasty; it robs you of your self, your identify, personality, memories, hopes & dreams.

It doesn’t need any help from us – the doctors, nurses or therapists, carers, advocates or supporters; let us un-do the disease, turn-back the clock. Let us look at what is disease and what is you.

You are everything; the alpha and omega of your existence. From the day of your birth, until you die, you is the essence; We start-out as babies. We acquire names, identities and personalities. We grow, develop and form into the people we become.

Disease is an add-on. A bit-part in the movie that is who we are.

Dementia is bad enough without being robbed of our identities.

Look… Here! Me…

Dementia is what has gone wrong; most of me is still right. Most of me is still here. Happy or sad, excited or frustrated, worried or…

When a person has dementia, most of them is still present; no matter the degradations; I am me and I will be me until I am no longer.

When you see and old man, look at the person; look at the 80 or 90 years of life that precedes the disease; the dementia must come second.

We are first-class citizens; let’s demote our diseases to second-class.

I am Albert and Oded, Yael and David, Donald and Jake;

I am myself, my family and friends, my work, my experience, love and laughter.

Once you have moved beyond all these elements, you can see me as a pathology, a falling apart, a loosening.


Let’s be having you!!!

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