In your sleep – (Safe in heaven, dead/)

It is an odd thought – dying in your sleep. Pyjamas, tooth brush, perhaps a few pages of a novel and no more. Your eyes close and at some point, in the night, heart stops. Dead.   This is what it is to be alive. Precarious, a tightrope of existence or not.   The mechanismContinue reading “In your sleep – (Safe in heaven, dead/)”


There is a science of sleep. This evening as I was driving home, I heard Peter White discussing sleep disorders in those who are blind or have significant visual impairment. Unlike our crepuscular cousins, humans are diurnal; we are designed to sleep when it is dark and potter during the day, creating industry, building things.Continue reading “Sleep”

York – somewhere else;

I spent a few hours in York yesterday. I travelled up to present some of the work we have done in Doncaster in relation to Quality Improvement, dementia and delirium (signing, dancing, dog-visits – that sort of thing). Recently, I have been talking about the perpetual Narnia which the government has foisted on the NHS;Continue reading “York – somewhere else;”