Yesterday – disaster avoided.

It is hard to know whether yesterday’s election result was a disaster avoided, or, merely a detour round the wreck to another unexplored place of misery.

Despite the polls, I never allowed myself to believe that the Tories would win; I didn’t seek shelter underneath the impossibility of Labour doing so well. I kept going.

The results – I don’t understand – perhaps in time they will come clear.

My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

They say this all the time in diplomacy, in the world of subterfuge and double-meaning.

I can’t imagine this is a place I will find myself.

Who knows about tomorrow;

I note that Mr H has been left-off the list or ministers who will keep their jobs; this worries me, for, at least with H and I guess, you could say with M, you know where you are – you know that when they draw a breath, the next thing is unlikely to be true, or at the very least a recognisable distortion of Right-Wing ideology.

Dress the wolf-up in the clothes of your friend and the subterfuge might work.

Alright, I’ll admit it – I had been preparing myself for many months of misery; of positive thinking exercises to lift me out of the depression, to distract me sufficiently to drive in to work each day without an excess of despair.

I had been preparing to shut-off the radio (again), avoid the newspapers and retreat to my safe-place.

Now I am in-between;

If you read 11/22/63 by Stephen King, you find an alternative reality where JFK is not assassinated; only, this reality is worse. The outcome a greater disaster for humanity.

Fortunately or not, we don’t have time-travel; the Spare Oom door and the door in King’s novel do not exist and we can’t step back in time or travel to another world. The world can’t be changed by a manipulation of chronology.

The main feeling I am left-with, if, perhaps I look beyond the headlines and some of the pictures, is a sense of hope. For, regardless of where we end-up, the election demonstrated that there is a will in this country to move beyond me to we, from I to us.

Self-interest is seen as no interest, for you can’t live outside society, it is what keeps us afloat, the air that we breathe.

I still live in hope that before my kids have grown I can wake them, the next day, jumping on their beds with, ‘We’ve won’ – time is running-out, they won’t be young forever; by increments we can move away from number-one, to number-x, from my spot of shade to the gallantry of open-plains.

Go on Jezza.


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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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