But, why can’t I go home?


over there,




I am 83 & not stupid & I want to go home & you

are stopping me


What is the matter with me?

Nothing fancy like deprivation of liberties, capacity or best-interests

Just, stuck inside a hot building in June


sunshine through the window

Good, old-fashioned pathway failure, waiting, wasted times

and people


patients & relatives & staff


Tuning-in to the conversation;


Empathising with me for the tight spot I am in;


An old woman challenging her liberty

& I am

the system slave






I can organise a scan,

Prescribe medicines


when needed,

get-out the needle and thread to repair your damaged scalp.

Our bad – you fell while waiting, stuck.

But, the simple things


Letting an old woman home.

are beyond my ability.



And, you know what…

This is a growth industry.


I sneak-off;

Her attention distracted

for a moment

by someone

or something else

down the corridor;


A stutter in the monotony of her captivity.



Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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