What makes networks work?

I think it is now established that the only way to meaningfully achieve anything new or novel, at scale, is through networks. One person going it alone, battling away at whatever is not enough to change the world or create a movement; equally, although there are some very bright, creative people out there, the onlyContinue reading “What makes networks work?”

Here is the place

Here is the place we set-off. Feral pack Looking for adventure along the dirt track which in rain would become red mud; Past the orchards and strawberry fields That are a story for another day.   Right, then left past the thistles and rusting fence, dried-out & dusty along the path.   We find aContinue reading “Here is the place”

My old headmaster Moshe

Moshe Ganz, sweeping the leaves, or ankle-high in flood-water, with Kippah hanging from thinning hair.   Wry smile, Ginger moustache and freckles.   On Fridays and other occasions he would get-out his accordion and play Klezmer.   I remember his expression – ‘yofi’ and punch on the shoulder.   All these, components of leadership, broughtContinue reading “My old headmaster Moshe”


Thank you, Wendy for the comment to yesterday’s blog. You mentioned the close-shave in my awakening to the values. And, you are one hundred per cent correct. If the values are at odds, you can’t go anywhere. It is ironic, for within the NHS, values are so pivotal to everything that happens – the goodContinue reading “Values”

Dad, did you get the job?

No. It didn’t work-out again. I only had to wait three days to learn that the appointment was not mine. I am sure I could have been made to hang-on longer. But no; Monday until, today (Weds). And, The other guy got the job. Did better in the interview; Maintained his calm under fire. UnlikeContinue reading “Dad, did you get the job?”

Working 9 to 5

I just popped downstairs – my phone was ringing (Acker Bilk, 1030, Saturday evening). It was the ward. One of my patients had unexpectedly become unwell. I felt touched and relieved that the on-call doctor felt comfortable ringing me, out of hours. This is one of the hardest things to square-away when working as aContinue reading “Working 9 to 5”

Safe, comical moment.

& This is how you do it…   Think of something odd; most unlikely combination – Whether too tiny to perceive or beyond our imaginings.   Something unpredictable chimerial Shimmering; Iridescent; Glowing.   Pixels collapsing down the screen odd gesture whether hand-holding or reassurance by other means   Human mixing with the mechanical, translated intoContinue reading “Safe, comical moment.”

Do NOT resuscitate

We used to call the forms DNR, that is, ‘do not resuscitate,’ this was changed approximately 10 years ago into DNAR, then DNACPR – do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation; the reasons for the change of mnemonic related to confusion over what do to if someone say, chokes: If one of my patients (who has suchContinue reading “Do NOT resuscitate”