Every system is perfectly designed to achieve the results it gets/

So, said Deming.

Or, it might not have been him, but some other American.


The recipe:

Take a group of likeminded people,








& avoid – diversity at all cost;


those who disagree are not likeminded

and therefore

must be cast-out.


Bring them together,

(the likemindeds)

get them to agree,

let them to have a good-time;

enjoy themselves,


Over a glass of wine,


take what is made


is the sum-total

of the combination of ideas and outputs of the originators.


If the output is wrong, doesn’t quite fit,

If it gives you a result which was once almost or good-enough right,

Which was once consistent with the world-order, then,

But has not kept-pace, now,

has lagged behind

the growth

or evolution

of changing times


And you take the same batch of folk,

and get them talking,

without them acknowledging that the landscape has altered,

that perhaps

what was correct then

is no longer &

what was good then

is now a flop,


without them possessing the humility

to realise

that the order

is different

you are left with




Something along the lines of hubris.


A classical concoction of bleary-eyed losers

doing their best to maintain


status quo

in the face of a


the great wave off kanagawa Tsunami_by_hokusai_19th_century.jpg

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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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