You can’t always have happy endings.

Just finished watching Steven King and JJ Abrams’ 22.11.63 – based on the time-travel novel about JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. It left me sad. But then, I always have been a romantic. My grandfather, Ben, in his later years, used to read large-print books. He would devour them; his prerequisites for a good storyContinue reading “You can’t always have happy endings.”

Do you, or don’t you? (for dog walkers)

It would have been yesterday were it not for the bank holiday. Out with Maisie; Black bins and green boxes lining the streets ready for collection. My own black bag, morning gift from doggie; do I or don’t I? fortnightly when the men come to take away our stuff – rubbish, detritus, waste, I encounterContinue reading “Do you, or don’t you? (for dog walkers)”

Flooding, etc.

You, my son, will live to see great floods, a symptom of the warming planet caused by the disregard we hold for our Earth; you will carry a phone, at all times; sleep underneath a hypoallergenic duvet, manufactured by hand by people in another country who are experiencing a technological naissance that is an amplificationContinue reading “Flooding, etc.”

On the basis

On the basis of not being able to write a full sentence About the homeless people I saw on the streets of Glasgow this week; It is probably easier for me to reflect my thoughts thus…   Costa* cups, the receptacles.   Drowsy men and women, some with swollen livers others, dead-eyed, sedated by opiateContinue reading “On the basis”


It’s odd.   When I try to write anything about my past – childhood or later years; It always comes-out like this.   I cannot seem to string a sentence together that reaches the end of the line; or, at least not consistently.   It is as if the past is encoded as fragments asContinue reading “Non-narrative”

Maimonides and Bruce Lee

What links the 12th Century mystic/philosopher/physician with the 20th Century martial artist/philosopher/actor? They are joined through their philosophical interpretation of improvement, learning and growth. This all started with me writing about a recent incident at work and was followed by a discussion on quality improvement and learning. If you step sideways, you can connect theContinue reading “Maimonides and Bruce Lee”