To learn

To learn you need to go towards that which you like least;

It is no good sitting in comfort.

If you like the summer, pursue the winter,

If the light is your preference,

Go to the darkness.


Growth can only occur through a connection with the unfamiliar

the strange,

that takes us away from conformity

towards diversity


Seeing the world in all its different dimensions,

Stepping out of your pool

Into another.


Not battering someone over the head

for thinking differently to you,

for seeing

Blue as yellow or green or red;


Nothing is real;

we all exist in relativities,

in relationships

to one another

with each other.


When people move towards politics,

Things start to fall apart,

Whether nationalism or patriotism or whatever system

of belief that


The world.


To be free you must understand bondage;

emancipation, slavery.


When the world is served to us on a plate,


there is little struggle

when things just


We are left

Not quite knowing

What is right

What is wrong

What we have worked towards

and what is a gift.


Take for example

Hunger –

All food tastes better on an empty stomach;

we are able to appreciate the variations,

the subtleties

of savoury and spice

When we are not overwhelmed with excess.


This is more than a study of the opposites,

It is an interpretation of

the world.

an analysis of how best to live,

how best to grow.

Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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