The best part


where I live

are the Highland Cows

who hang-out

around the corner.


They have a big field

to themselves

with a sign that says,

Mind the Bull


although they look placid

I haven’t yet chanced

going into the field

& patting them.


I remember,

A few years ago

a highland cow escaped from Pollock Park

a dog had run into the field and threatened its calf.


It was found a mile away

Inside the loading-bay

of a garage

on the Battlefield Roundabout.


Highland cow


Gingery cows,

Always with smiling faces when turned into soft-toys

(sometimes with, mostly without, Tam o’ Shanters)

that my mum always called ‘coos’

which I believe

Is what they are called in the Highlands,

or perhaps


in the South-Side of Glasgow.


Funny isn’t it.


Here am I in South Yorkshire,

cows, in a field, neighbours/

I have no idea what they are thinking,

or whether

their relations

behind the wrought-iron railings of the Country Park


or behave in a different way,

perhaps with a Glaswegian


West of Scotland lilt

to their moos.


These creatures which seem so at odds with 21st Century existence

have been

slowly moving

through my experience

And long may they continue!

highland cow 2 rod kersh

Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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