There might be a way,

an approach,

That you could use to make them all stop?


Yes, I suppose,

But who would want to do that?



There are all types of people out there who operate,


have values different to ours,

who might think it





a useful way to get noticed.


I can’t believe.


Nevertheless, maybe;

You mean you’ve never considered?




I infer from your response that you haven’t considered security


robustness of access,

password complexity,

algorithms and so on.


Why would I?


Is there a password?


Well, we use a code, as you have to have something…



Nothing better, more original?

No; I don’t want to know the answer, there have to be more numbers – perhaps a star, semi-colon or underscore?


(for help with passwords, see here).


Pacemakers are increasingly sophisticated computers that monitor the rate, rhythm and sometimes contraction of the heart. Little skinny boxes under the skin connected by wires to the insides of the heart. Each one lasts ten years or so.

Either through disease, disuse or inheritance, the electrical pathways in the heart can become disrupted, the contraction of the atria not always followed by the ventricles, the flow of blood disturbed, the pump erratic. Some abnormalities can cause palpitations, others dizziness, some, can result in a stop. The beats end.

Pacemakers have revolutionised the lives of people in our society – there is even a movement that reconditions pacemakers and takes them across to the developing world for second-hand use.

With the increasing sophistication of all electronic devices, the internet of things and so on, the devices linkage to the net it inevitable.

Imagine a bored teenager with your heart in their hands…

For recent Guardian article see here.



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