alea iacta est

So, said Caesar as he crossed the Rubicon in defiance of the Senate’s instructions.

Things happen and afterwards, the world is different.

I have written about this before in relation to Cartier Bresson’s Decisive Moment, cardinal de Retz and older people. The moment of determination that shapes the future.

I also wrote about my decisive moment a couple of months ago following an unsuccessful interview.

Life is like that; there are moments when events take place, when roads diverge.

Sometimes the painful path is the better one.

Sometimes a line must be drawn, for without taking a stance or a position, the wrongness is allowed to continue, to perpetuate.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out…*

This is a pattern I have witnessed over the years; person by person, first the good then the mediocre, the activists then the bystanders are taken away, selected; shipped-off (gobbled-up by talent hungry establishments), in the 1970’s they called this the Brain Drain, in the 21st Century we call it reality.

I have felt it coming, sensed the wind, only now it is so powerful, I cannot resist; it is a storm. A tumult.

And during times of challenge we can stand and fight, run and hide or step aside. No option is the easy way out; 750,000 soldiers marched through beleaguered Belgium in 1914. Then as now it is all too easy to be swept-up, carried-along.

And that is why a position must be taken.

That is why, when all that can be done has been done, when you have expressed your opinion, said your piece, shouted from the rooftops and those in positions of authority, of influence have chosen to turn away from your entreaties, you must move-on.

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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

2 thoughts on “alea iacta est

    1. I guess that point can never entirely be reached – it is a judgment call; like walking round in circles, there comes a point when you realise the scenery isn’t changing. You can keep on going hoping for something different or you can change direction.


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