The Red Sea

There was a song we used to sing in primary school,

It had to do with the Israelites

And the Red Sea.


The way it was, back then, in pre-history,

Or, if you are a believer,

The way it was, was,

The Israelites escaping from slavery in Egypt.


Moses led them from Cairo and Giza,

Luxor and Memphis,

Gathered them up

All in one night.


This was,

After the death of the First-Born

(When Pharaoh in an ultimate response to ‘Let my people go’, said, Go!) (for the Angel of Death (aka Moloch Ha-Movet) did not pass over his palace)


And the Israelites fled,

Carrying their unleavened bread

And whatever else they could grab

On their backs,

Across the desert.


And then,

Some time later,

Pharaoh regretting his decision said to his charioteers,

‘After them, get them back!’


And the Israelites trapped between an angry army

And the Coral Sea.


And Moses raising his arms, and the waves parting and across they went.


And the waves crashing-down on the soldiers in their pursuit

And their watery graves,

Two generations wiped-out in short-shrift.


And the Israelites safely across the other side


For who would not be cheered by the defeat of the enemy.


And, God angered at this display of hubris,

At their lack of compassion for the lost lives,

The bereaved families,

Unborn children,

Took his people in hand and remonstrated at their joy.


‘Do not celebrate the downfall of another,

What is done is done

And we must move forwards

And create a life

For ourselves

Without revelling in the agony of the other.’


Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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