Martin & the Diet of Worms

I just watched a documentary about Martin Luther. It was narrated by Liam Neeson. Here I am, and, being honest, as I always try to be; until two weeks ago I didn’t know who Martin Luther was. To me, the only Martin Luther was Dr MLK Junior. I knew there had existed at one timeContinue reading “Martin & the Diet of Worms”

(0.047) The Speed of Snail

Thank you, Jane, for the insight into why healthcare professionals in the 21st Century are using old-fashioned means of communication to deliver care… Perhaps, it is something more systemic, more general, a holding-on to the past? If you compare the changes within health that are happening today with 100 years ago, you might get aContinue reading “(0.047) The Speed of Snail”

(299 792 458) The Speed of Light

Yesterday I received a letter from a GP. How many of you (patients, that is), realise that within our health and care system, on which at times your life, or the life of your family depends, and, despite 21st century technology that can take us to Mars and back, doctors are writing each other letters.Continue reading “(299 792 458) The Speed of Light”


Slap, slap, slap. It’s a funny word. It can just as equally conjure a comic kipper slap or Tango Man, as much as a moment of discomforting supermarket abuse. It carries a flippancy. Not as severe or significant as hit or punch; it is transient. Bam! Anger – action – next… It was announced todayContinue reading “Slap”

Post-traumatic bullying disorder

It is interesting. If you go back to the Great War and look at the men who returned from the front to be shot for cowardice, or later diagnosed with shell-shock and what we know today as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, how society views health and disease, physical and psychological wellbeing, evolves over time. It isContinue reading “Post-traumatic bullying disorder”

What we know/humility

If you look back on a century ago, or moving further, a millennium, it is incredible to consider the changes in society. I realised yesterday that it is nearly 100 years since the October Revolution. If you subtract 1000 years, you are in 1017 – the Battle of Hastings was yet to come. And, whatContinue reading “What we know/humility”

Winds and tomorrow

It is easy to re-live the past, To sit and reflect, Shine a light on what was.   There is certainty in last week or month, That is distinct from The possibilities of tomorrow.   Yesterday was good; I have forgotten the bad part. Next month, who knows?   I woke this morning anticipating theContinue reading “Winds and tomorrow”

Never expected it to be this hard. (For me, for the team)

I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Taking a decision, changing path – trying to stand-up in front of… well – what is it? Tyranny? Over the past few weeks I have repeatedly dreamed of the dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex – it means something like king lizard tyrant; that probably sums-up my situation well. Stuck in aContinue reading “Never expected it to be this hard. (For me, for the team)”

All I know is that I know nothing…

Socrates supposedly said this & I love his honesty. I can remember, it must have been thirty-odd years ago, during a history lesson at school. We were discussing the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem – I had an idea, an answer to the teacher’s question that I couldn’t contain; up went my handContinue reading “All I know is that I know nothing…”

This is me (&you)

Many of you reading this will be familiar with This is me – the person-centred document we have been using in the hospital for the past five or six years. It was originally developed by the Alzheimer’s Society working with the Royal College of Nursing, then, a couple of years ago I got together withContinue reading “This is me (&you)”