Winds and tomorrow

It is easy to re-live the past,

To sit and reflect,

Shine a light on what was.


There is certainty in last week or month,

That is distinct from

The possibilities of tomorrow.


Yesterday was good; I have forgotten the bad part.

Next month, who knows?


I woke this morning anticipating the fall-out from Hurricane Ophelia,

All I found were dead leaves.


If you are lucky and you haven’t been forgotten in five generations,

If, you have been listed in the annals of a history,

There might be a mark.


There have certainly been more people and events forgotten

Than we can add-up or, imagine.


Only one history remains of the Battle of Thermopylae,

History seen through a lonely lens.


And, I think of what might be, what will


I realise that the uncertainty over times past

Will become tomorrow.


If the spotlight stops shining,

Do you cease to exist?




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