Winds and tomorrow

It is easy to re-live the past,

To sit and reflect,

Shine a light on what was.


There is certainty in last week or month,

That is distinct from

The possibilities of tomorrow.


Yesterday was good; I have forgotten the bad part.

Next month, who knows?


I woke this morning anticipating the fall-out from Hurricane Ophelia,

All I found were dead leaves.


If you are lucky and you haven’t been forgotten in five generations,

If, you have been listed in the annals of a history,

There might be a mark.


There have certainly been more people and events forgotten

Than we can add-up or, imagine.


Only one history remains of the Battle of Thermopylae,

History seen through a lonely lens.


And, I think of what might be, what will


I realise that the uncertainty over times past

Will become tomorrow.


If the spotlight stops shining,

Do you cease to exist?




Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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