The closest thing I can compare this to is falling,


Perhaps more accurately,


Dropping from an unknown height

Without parachute

Or means of deceleration.

Like a stone.

A rock.

Instead of air rushing past it is people

and time



Moments, achievements, changes,



Like being in a real-life Truman Show version of

Angry Birds.

The trajectory is?

Time of arrival?

So many images that capture the experience –

Attenborough’s little submarine plunging into the deep,

Stock Market’s crashing.

Should be more up-beat.

I keep thinking of my legacy – tortoise stuck to top of monitor and

Miniature Hornby man, lost.

Need to shift the imagery.

There be Dragons

maps used to say.

Crazy, unimaginable…


The irony,

What is odd.

What is absurd,

Is what this says about me as a human.

A leaf clinging to tribe,



For, we are one tribe –

Whether you call it South Yorkshire,




Warm-blooded vertebrate.

It is funny how we so often see the difference, the separation as what keeps us together.

Let’s work towards family.

Let’s focus on the commonality.

Let’s not allow love to tear us apart,

Allow it to bring us together.

miniature figure.jpg

olaus magnus 1539.jpg

Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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