Standard (2)

I wrote this morning about the concept of standardisation – how this helps people navigate their environment; learn how to travel on one underground system and you can be sure that you will be fairly consistent globally with the ways the trains run, the lines intersect and so on. That is cool. It is aContinue reading “Standard (2)”


Let’s face it, us humans are not that adaptable*. Sure, we can survive extremes, cope with trauma and insult, but, when it comes down to it, on a day to day basis we seek consistency, regularity. How much of our world is designed to assist with habit? With doing the same thing the same wayContinue reading “Standardisation”

Are you looking at me?

I am trying to imagine What it is like to fall into a wormhole or perhaps topple into a black hole. Neither experience can be much fun, although, I gather with the wormhole, there is, even though very remote, the possibility of traveling in time and space, Whereas, with the black hole, It is justContinue reading “Are you looking at me?”