Are you looking at me?

I am trying to imagine

What it is like

to fall into a





into a black hole.

Neither experience

can be much fun,


I gather with the wormhole, there is, even though very remote,

the possibility of traveling in time and space,


with the black hole,

It is just


Last week, as my trip to Israel was coming to an end I visited the Israeli Children’s Museum in Holon; my brother, his wife and my children and I, were led through an exhibit called Dialogue in the Dark.

This is an experience of complete and utter darkness, where you spend an hour, guided by a visually impaired instructor through a cityscape, boat journey, jungle, market, living and sound room, finishing with a café (chocolate, Bamba and coke, all for 20 Shekels). In the darkness. No light, you see. Not black hole, but, insight into the darkness, getting to use your senses and talk with someone about their experiences of life, of stigma and empathy, kindness and inconsiderate over-attention; guide dog and Danny collecting his son from kindergarten.

No, this isn’t like a black hole, it is just black (specs, phones and other electronics are all locked away before you enter).

Wormhole is different –

This is when you are stretched into infinity.

I don’t even want to pretend I have any real sense of what either are, just as I have no concept of visual impairment or blindness.

The important aspect for me was however, the sense of loss and disorientation. The absurdity that we take for granted through our senses.

See, hear.




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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

6 thoughts on “Are you looking at me?

  1. Rod,

    It was indeed a most incredible experience, and I felt a little bit of a fraud afterwards when going back into the light and having my sense of vision returned, while Danny was left in his world of semi-blindness. A most insightful event.

    Great seeing you and the children in Israel!


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  2. Sometime I think we have to live in the dark to appreciate the light. Yet also even in the darkness we have our own light within. (Do you not find when in the dark you are more aware of what is around!!!!).

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    1. Yes, although sometimes, you don’t realise you are in the light when you perceive the darkness!

      This relates to quality improvement in healthcare – we are always trying to improve and do better – find new ways to support patients, therefore, you can never be entirely happy or satisfied with the current situation.

      I have recently left a beloved job in one hospital and moved to another – blogs on this subject will follow!


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