First in line



in the dark.


Kitty wanted to light one.


I didn’t have a match

or a candle.


And so, we paused for a moment,





despite the many

standing around;

Pointing at the mosaics,

the frescoes

the stonework.


We contemplated the tall candle,

the one

standing above all the others

and considered

who might have placed it there –

was this an attempt to gain special consideration?


Look at me!

I deserve salvation more than those other guys who could only bother to spend half a grush* on their lights;


A little like the folk buried

on the Mount of Olives

who believe

that the Messiah,

will follow a plan,

First stopping there before reaching the Holy City.


And they,

thanks to their diligence

or perhaps


Will return to life before the others,

and so,

Be first in line

for housing

or falafel.

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives

*Grush = 10 mils; 1,000 mils = one Palestine pound during the British Mandate.


Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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