Silly hats, uniforms.

I went back to Doncaster yesterday, to take part in the Person-Centred Care training day we have been running for the past year. On this occasion, I attended as a guest speaker, which was a novelty. I also took with me some colleagues from Rotherham, so that they could get a feel for  the workContinue reading “Silly hats, uniforms.”

Daddy, what did you do?

This was a recruitment poster from WWI – designed to create a feeling of guilt in young men, chivvying them to volunteer, head-off to Flanders, Ypres or somewhere on the Western Front and, likely die. At least they wouldn’t have to face their children… ‘I stayed at home, because I didn’t want to participate inContinue reading “Daddy, what did you do?”

Why are you here?

Leaving blue-tits to one side and, getting back to my main focus… A frequent question I ask my patients, usually when trying to establish their orientation, but also to clarify their understanding of the situation, is, ‘Do you know why you are here?’ I leave the question purposefully vague – ‘here’ – where is here?Continue reading “Why are you here?”

Minor evolutionary hiccup.

I bought a bottle of full-fat Guernsey milk (in a milk-bottle shaped bottle), yesterday, and I am now sipping it, mixed in coffee. It made me think, about the blue-tits I used to see in the 70’s. The ones that learned about the lovely creaminess sitting at the top of milk bottles, on doorsteps, justContinue reading “Minor evolutionary hiccup.”


The wolf wakes as the sun sets and, the family rest before traveling home. I ask you, what was he thinking? Did he not consider discretion to be more appropriate at that moment than speaking his mind, or, perhaps, the occasion was confusing; afraid, knickers-in-a-twist. You can’t always tell. Some people. Some people just letContinue reading “Jabotinsky”

Granny, what of your dreams?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? – is the name of Philip K Dick’s novella which was most recently translated into the Blade Runner 2049 movie. My son’s Blu-Ray DVD arrived in the post this afternoon. It has been said that dreams are under attack from modernity – from our reduced and erratic sleep patterns,Continue reading “Granny, what of your dreams?”

Post-diagnostic support in dementia

I thought I would get back to my origins this morning and write a little about what I am meant to be doing as a doctor. Dementia – most of us hate the word; without mind. Bollocks. The Japanese went as far as changing the name to their version of ‘disease of cognition’ – perhapsContinue reading “Post-diagnostic support in dementia”

Three weeks. What have I learned?

It is just over three weeks since I started working in Rotherham. It has been an interesting time. There have been highs and lows. Some confusion. Soupcon of anxiety. Even, disorientation. Lesson 1 When I was younger, it was routine to change jobs every year – that was the rotation which was the core ofContinue reading “Three weeks. What have I learned?”

I danced mid-week.

On Wednesday I was caught-up in some dancing. OK – it only lasted for five minutes, But, I gave it a go. I was at the B:Friend training session in Doncaster College, where I participated in some early-evening chair-based dance exercise, to the tune of the Jacksons’ Blame It On the Boogie. I haven’t dancedContinue reading “I danced mid-week.”

Shout, shout, let it all out…

Sometimes you have to shout. Ideally, While standing on a chair or table. At the top of your voice.   Injustice!   On other occasions, Indeed, Most of the time, We go about, We move from A to B; We slouch, Harrumph, Contemplate.   Not very often we burst.   I think of Tchernichovsky’s dumplings.Continue reading “Shout, shout, let it all out…”