The wolf


as the sun sets

and, the family rest


traveling home.

I ask you, what was he thinking? Did he not consider discretion to be more appropriate at that moment than speaking his mind, or, perhaps, the occasion was confusing; afraid, knickers-in-a-twist. You can’t always tell. Some people. Some people just let rip; when impulsivity is combined with extraversion, stand back. If only we could all hush for a moment or two to allow our thoughts to catch up with our sensibilities.

I watched a documentary last night, about a man and his experiences following a massive stroke; at one point in the narrative he only had half his head after a craniotomy and surgery to remove a clot; then, followed several years of intense therapy – this is every day, several times a day, no breaks for Saturday and Sunday or NHS sleeping-out/step-down/re-ablement/social-assessment/we haven’t received a referral yet, kind of thing. And from immobility, hemianopia and mutism, he could talk, garden, smile and laugh. It was amazing.

It made me think, if only more people had the opportunity to participate in meaningful rehabilitation with mirror neurones firing and adequate nutrition, stimulation and exercise, how many might be saved from anguish and wasted lives.

The rush of modernity is sometimes so oppressive that the clamour to do overtakes the purpose of being, we do and do and in the absence of reflection time proceeds and history is made; and, each second that slips past is gone forever.



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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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