I was left,


like a bit of a prat.


It began with a video of

Peter Mittler

That I took last year

During a conference.


In the clip,

Which no one can hear

because I didn’t use the right equipment,

Peter is arguing the validity of statistical significance

in relation to a study on dementia.


Peter has dementia.


He is eloquent and engaging,

fascinating, with ideas and thoughts



I thought it a good means to demonstrate

Living well with dementia


As I say

I felt like a prat.


‘Here is Professor Mittler talking about p-values, has anyone ever heard of them?

…expecting at least one person in the hospital audience to have encountered this basic of statistics, my follow-on, does anyone understand p-values…


…no response;

My plan had been to then quip,

that I had no idea either

and by this means

demonstrate the prof’s facility not just as a speaker, academic and writer

but, as an interpreter of statistics.


But, no, no one had, and it made me feel daft.


I moved-on quickly, to the next topic;


Perhaps this was the reason,

for the feedback


‘I couldn’t see the relevance of the talk’

and this, in relation to a day

of person-centred care.


You can never please everyone,


Perhaps having someone

not get it

is a sign that I am on the right track.


Who knows?


I don’t think I will attempt Peter’s film again,


If anyone wants to view it,

I have a copy

with good audio

on my phone.

p value.jpg


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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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