Now, here is a funny thing.

Corridor, stairway, path.


You know,

it is part of human evolution

that we

recognise people – shapes and forms from far away.

Gait, stature, poise;




Individuals, even acquaintances are

Instantaneously identifiable,

Like when

Emperor penguins are milling around the ice

And each one can tell who is who and who is whose chick.



I walk past you and smile


nothing in return.



I remember learning years ago,

That my friend Phil walked past others

because of short-sightedness


with vanity.


This isn’t what’s happening


It is odd

That in the hospital

This phenomenon is more associated with doctors

than any other group.


Is it a status thing?


Is it pretending I haven’t seen you so you haven’t seen me, like head buried in sand?


Close my eyes, fingers in ears & stamp my feet.

wullie and boab

Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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