Thanks for rejecting me.

Yes, this sounds like an odd title for a Saturday evening blog… I’ll be brief –

It was inspired by an email I received from Thrive Global in response to my submission of ‘The Hazards of Polydoctory’ for publication on their site:

thrive screen shot

I know celebration of rejection might at first seem a little perverse, but, up until that point, my assumption had been that they published anything. Sure, some of the articles appearing on the site are quite good, but I haven’t delved too deeply;

Now, it could be that they randomly reject a specific number to make people feel that they are selective – a little like the recruiters who throw job applications away, without opening the envelope (or file), when they receive too many; we know that is daft, as it is disrespectful and risks you missing-out on a gem. Thrive Global doesn’t appear to espouse that philosophy – they seem to be more into dignity, peace, harmony – the upside of humanity.

To date, I have had five blogs published; I don’t know their acceptance rate and, I don’t get paid for doing it, it is just a thing I can say – I am part-of Arianna’s team.

There you are.

Not much more to say.

Am I becoming a positive thinker?!

arianna and gayle king

For more on Arianna – I recommend this interview with Tim Ferriss

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