Doctor, you know that medicine you gave me last night, to help with my pain, well, it seems to have made my skin itch and I have become all shaky and my mouth, it is very dry and I feel awful, do you think it might be the medicine that has made me feel worse? And, doctor, you know that tablet you gave me to help with my waterworks, it has left me with a sandy dry mouth and I can’t quite see and things just seem very odd; you see, Colin tells me that his muscles are aching and he has a strange itchy rash down below that he can’t explain, might it be eczema or scabies, or, perhaps, again the medicine, oh and yes, my bowels, they are as loose as anything, six times today and all watery and antibiotics never agree with me, they send me like that whenever I have had them before; allergy? Yes, me, allergy, penicillin, rash all over my body, mottled and sore and, I fell last night, or was it the night before, ever since I started taking those blood pressure tablets, was it the ramipril or amlodipine or doxazosin or candesartan or the… atenolol? Oh, yes, that was that one that made me cough, or, did it make me wheeze? I have forgotten now, they say dyscrasia, such a funny word, I looked it up in my dictionary and it left me no wiser; I called the nurse for a glass of water, but, it had to be thickened, as did my tea and, I struggled to chew the calcium and swallow the torpedo that is antihistamine given to me for the itch that is cause by who knows what, and, by now I am tired, I am getting bored of all this pharma, all this drug-drug interaction, they say it will thin my blood and stop me having a stroke, but now, I am bruising and bleeding and the iron they prescribe to maintain my count bungs me up and, add-in laxatives to the cocktail and the bag with all my medical produce keeps getting bigger and I imagine that one day, I will become more medicine than me, the list of diseases and disorders I acquire more extensive than my life history.

oxycodone/tolterodine/atorvastatin/colchicine/clarithromycin/ace-inhibitor/calcium antagonis/alpha blocker/ angiotensin-2-receptor-antagonist/beta blocker/calcichew/chlorpheniarmine/warfarin/lactulose//////


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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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