Change, standing still and evolution

I watch the ripples change their size But never leave the stream Of warm impermanence So, wrote David Bowie in 1972. Whenever I think of change these lyrics play in my mind. Let’s take a position on change – it is essential; critical to the survival of our species – we grow, learn, adapt andContinue reading “Change, standing still and evolution”


Baby born, Entirety Of all knowledge Past, present and future Nestled in their consciousness; Overwhelmed With knowing With seeing & Understanding.   Blown away By Possibility.   Options, opportunities and ideas How Where Why What Let me see; It is all forgotten in a Kabbalistic moment. Alas, alack, Thank goodness!


I thank Stephen King for first hitting on this idea*. The existence of the concept of telepathy. I can’t necessarily read your mind, but you can mine. How? You are doing it now. Reading these words, whether today, tomorrow, next year, is opening a little window into my consciousness; this is what I am thinking.Continue reading “Mind-reading”

They can’t even get their crap recruitment right

I tweeted yesterday something about the UK’s workforce problems facing health and social care. There you go. Check out the blog I wrote a couple of weeks ago, then the more recent plan for a visit across to India. You could read this two-ways. The first; the NHS isn’t working – look at Switzerland, Germany,Continue reading “They can’t even get their crap recruitment right”

India, etc.

The plan had been to explain to people the why, what, where of my trip to India. We are heading-out, a small contingent of NHS from Rotherham on the 17th of May, Mumbai via Abu Dhabi – which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, not Scooby’s catchphrase. I wrote a couple of monthsContinue reading “India, etc.”


Dead, the moment the breathing ceases and, the heart stops.   Relaxation of muscles, slackening of tone sighing-out of self and, move-on to the next stage, the next phase of being.   Still there still existent within the memories, sentiments, ripples of existence, but, Transformed.   Different. decay, devolution, evolution, transformation.   Not necessarily sad,Continue reading “Dead”

Frailty. No.

I had intended this blog to focus on my planned trip to India in a couple of weeks; readers will have to wait. I want to talk about frailty. For those of you who haven’t kept-pace with my career moves over the past few months, I am now working on the Assessment Unit in RotherhamContinue reading “Frailty. No.”