Dependence; health and care gone wrong.

Please sir,

Allow me to rob you of your


Psst, over here.

Let me exchange your shirt and tie for this






Popping out the rear.

Let me dislodge your confidence,

provide you with


or glide-about


(Grab-rail/handy-helper/bed-pull, whatever.)

Sippy cup,

and, if you like,

I’ll cut-up your food

Into little squares and feed you.


No need to move,

I can press this button and


You become upright!

I know you say you can do it yourself,


It will be so much quicker if I do it for you.

Button-up your shirt,

Wash your hands,

Shave those whiskers.

I can do everything.

I don’t realise that my actions are theft.

They remove your ability to act,

They relieve you of


They create passivity;

exchanged with love.


We love too much,

When our passion for care

Overwhelms our intention to support,

When our obsession with


Wraps you-up in so much bubble-wrap

That you’re gone,

We have done something wrong.

How do we balance

Encouraging you

To walk through the pain,


Manoeuvre in bed


How do we make ourselves,


So that you can be



Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

One thought on “Dependence; health and care gone wrong.

  1. A timely reminder ( though I am reading this weeks later ) that I want to enable independence and pursue independence myself.
    A get-together with friends , and this verse, have boosted my sense of needing to be independent, and an appreciation of those who are supportive of this.

    Further to other posts, The Cut Out Girl by Bart Van Es ( serialised on radio this week ) is recommended – the harrowing story of a Jewish girl taken in by a Dutch couple in WW2, by the couple’s grandson.

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