My dog.

My dog, Sees a sheep on the hillside And in her head Is sparked An ancient Ecstasy.   Her senses heightened All she can perceive is The chase.   I hold tightly   I sense her frustration, at the futility of her situation.   To this, I can relate.

Do you want to change the world?

In collaboration and partnership we want to harness a movement for change! The introduction of person-centred care throughout The Rotherham Foundation Community Care and Acute Trust: Ensuring that every patient, carer and member of staff is viewed, considered, supported and encouraged through person-centeredness; this is seeing the person beyond their current role or situation. It isContinue reading “Do you want to change the world?”


I find The cinnabar moth caterpillars Moving slowly, ponderously Over the ragwort.   A Symphony Metamorphosing Into Something magical.   Summer evening beside neglected Railway path, I pause and appreciate; I hesitate and remember.   It is all I want, All I need.

Here it is, the allergy.

Nihil sub sole novum Three in the morning.   Awake, Throat Trilling; Rasping Scuffing.   Saliva nodularity, Inclusion.   Exasperation And Exhaustion. Numb.   Shaking, Repeating on Itself.   Marionette Tarantella.   Frustrated Antigone.   Moment Like Soft Candy; rock From Blackpool;   Stretched from Here to there, Twisted, Manipulated; Elongated to an infinitesimal shattering.Continue reading “Here it is, the allergy.”

Humanism/PCC/Amos and archeology

I have been reading Amos Oz’s book ‘Dear Zealots’ – it is a collection of essays reflecting the place of zealots in our world – the challenge in our relationships with them, their effect upon us and society, with some thoughts for the future, written last year by Israel’s greatest living novelist. In the bookContinue reading “Humanism/PCC/Amos and archeology”