Do you want to change the world?

In collaboration and partnership we want to harness a movement for change!

The introduction of person-centred care throughout The Rotherham Foundation Community Care and Acute Trust:

Ensuring that every patient, carer and member of staff is viewed, considered, supported and encouraged through person-centeredness; this is seeing the person beyond their current role or situation. It is seeing an individual in their entirety.

A patient is not just a patient, bed number or hospital code.

A patient is not a broken hip, heart attack or pneumonia.

A patient is a person.

Staff are not just porters, nurses or therapists.

Staff are more than pay-grades or titles.

Staff are people.

Person-centred care is seeing people in the round; in all that is good, bad, confident and fearful; it is acknowledging the whole person, this is, allowing an individual, whether patient, carer or staff to flourish in their individuality, their personhood.

Situations where one person’s wishes conflict or affect another must be seen as opportunities not obstacles. Challenging established hierarchies, rules and norms is not a recipe for chaos, but a guide to freedom, albeit within all the safety and regulatory constraints of a pressured health and social care system.

We are seeking volunteers to join this movement of growth, improvement and innovation.

If you (patient, carer, staff member) are interested in leading or supporting change and improvement in our organisation, are willing to commit time, thought and enthusiasm to our movement, please contact:


Rod Kersh

Associate Medical Director for Person-Centred Care,

George Briggs

Chief Operating Officer,

Sally Kilgariff

General Manager,

Debbie Eardley

Project Manager,





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