Eigg Wi-Fi

It is a form of insanity

Induced by intermittent connection

To the web.


You are on

Then off

Then remain off for a variable





back on.


On and off.




It is the basis of madness

Schism in the personality

As Laing

might have described.


I love you today

And tomorrow


Who knows what will follow;

Anything –





And, in association with this

Episodic disconnection

Is the invisible



What is worse?

Randomness –

True unpredictability, the kind that gives you four sixes on the roll of a dice or

Controlled variation

Like the penny-push machines down the pier?


With the former there is no one to blame,

You can’t claim

Someone is benefiting from your failure,

The second,

You can only blame circumstance


As that is without


Shape or form,

The energy

Bounces back on yourself.


It becomes self-defeating.


I return to the sense of a belief in nothing being the same as a belief in anything.


We require a structure; a system to facilitate our understanding of the world – alone in the universe is scary; take the memories and imaginings, diminish them

And what do you have?


The gap between being and inexistence narrows,





For Smizz – promise to reply to your very long mail!


Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

One thought on “Eigg Wi-Fi

  1. Glorious views of the island.
    So true that the gap between being and inexistence narrows, even with WiFi.
    A needful interaction and communication via the screens becomes an integral part of the day’s structure.
    There was a quirky , brief, touching radio 4 programme at 1.45pm on 31st July when Adrian (son) had a ‘conversation’ with R. D. .


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