It is the big night.


Haggis hot


and tatties

all prepared.


Adequate single malt.



middle-class, middle-age, middle of the road affluence.




memorised the words

Rabbi* Burns

Toast to the…


Mind-block is fascinating.


One moment all is ready, the next, nothing.


I remember a similar episode.


The Israeli Ambassador

was visiting Glasgow

it was during the First Gulf War – I remember in particular as I wrote a poem about Messerschmitt’s, Sadaam and innocents.


I stood and asked a question –

It would likely have been some honest, from the heart


like, why kill babies or make people homeless over



And, I was heckled

by a couple of stolid Weegies.


A father and son


I knew from school.


They succeeded in derailing me.

Sending me

down an empty



And suddenly there were no words.


My argument

ran dry


a wadi

when too much has been taken

by too many people.




Perhaps an inherited trait;

Being less than prepared.




When raising a point,

I am prepared,

At least the odd word

Scribbled in note-form,

To help,

In case.


My dad,

He didn’t have anything,

Just the need to sit down and let people eat.

Was it five seconds?

Ten, thirty.


Moments of self-apprehension can last an eternity.


*Funny that Rabbi is part of Word’s dictionary but not the Scottish form of Robert – Robbie – aka, Rabbie.

Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

One thought on “Eve

  1. Well Rabbie should definitely be in the Word dictionary.
    Just par excellence , in word choice, phrasing, rhythm and repetition e.g. adequate ; middle etc ; mind-block ; stolid Weegies; empty thought-alleys; like a wadi; self-apprehension.
    Awkward moments that bring a memory of fellow-feeling.
    Just ‘par excellence’!


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