I have been battling with my brother for the past six months or so on the Corbyn situation. Essentially, he sees him as an outspoken critic of Israel, Anti-Semitic and representing all that is bad in relation to the left-wing of British politics. I always quite liked him (JC) – in his stance against ApartheidContinue reading “Jeremy”


I remember Sitting On my grandfather’s bed, 43 Newark Drive, as Countdown Played-out on the TV.   Channel 4 With Richard Whiteley And Carol Vorderman.   He Would rapidly calculate the sums adding, subtracting, timsing and dividing To reach an obscure number;   Juggling Letters to arrive at the High-scorer.   And, Always, At fourContinue reading “Countdown…”

Barbara Robb – Sans Everything

Originally posted on Dr Rod’s Odd Blog (almondemotion):
Yesterday, at the Dementia 2017 Conference in London I heard one of the most stunning – devastating and uplifting stories in years. Claire Hilton, Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry in North West London, discussed Barbara Robb, describing her battle to improve conditions for long-term residents in psychiatric…

Management hemianopia

Hemianopia, partial loss of the field of vision, is a condition usually the result of a stroke although other neurological disorders such as tumours can be responsible. From the Greek; hemi – half, an – without, opia – sight. Damage to an individual’s brain in the area responsible for interpreting visual input is the mostContinue reading “Management hemianopia”