Mindfulness and patient safety

I thought I would use this occasion to re-blog my first blog, written three years ago. Interesting that I started writing about insight and self-awareness and my most recent blog talks about the same subject, through an evolved sense of understanding the world.

Dr Rod’s Odd Blog (almondemotion)

Being aware is one of the first lessons in patient safety.

Awareness of self, of environment, of our patients; so often we walk around with our head in clouds of worry and thought, so called, mind-wandering – thinking about the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, what others think, what I thought.

A jumble of misremembered ideas is not a place to be when caring for the vulnerable and sick.

The image of a stone dropping into a still pond is sometimes used to represent Mindfulness, the ripples representing thoughts that disturb the calm but soon settle, leaving nothing behind.

When we work in a clinical environment, our minds have to be like that pool of water; we need to be relaxed and able to respond to the signs and symptoms of our patients, whether they are explicit in someone asking for help, pressing a buzzer or climbing out of bed…

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