An old dog’s dream (TR2)i

I wake.


It is perhaps


in the morning;


& make my way to the computer.


Old, sleeping dog,



& rheumy joins; she doesn’t stir.


I type-out a list of my thoughts,

from one,

it stretches to three pages

of single spacing.


It must be her nose

that wakens first.

a question-mark scent;


She takes three steps and stops.

hushed, high pitched,

I offer encouragement;

heavy tail wags, once, twice.

&, she returns to her sleep.


I continue my assessment

of the situation;

what is good,




for just a moment


became an olfactory dream,

suspended in the disordered consciousness

of a tired old dog.

For Nes.

Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

2 thoughts on “An old dog’s dream (TR2)i

  1. Worries

    A wise guru once said,

    “Why worry?”

    “If it’s something you can fix, then why worry – fix it”

    “And if it’s something you can’t fix, then worrying won’t make any difference”

    “So, why worry?”


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  2. Very comforting to have existence contained even briefly in the dream of a dear old dog. . The worries of the deep night contrasted with the peace of the dog’s sleep and your hushed encouragement , place us right there, in our mind’s eye. Tthankyou.

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