I have been battling with my brother for the past six months or so on the Corbyn situation.

Essentially, he sees him as an outspoken critic of Israel, Anti-Semitic and representing all that is bad in relation to the left-wing of British politics.

I always quite liked him (JC) – in his stance against Apartheid in the 80’s all the way to his dressing-down of Boris and proposal to re-Nationalise the trains.

See here, what I said about him in March.

I have found him honest, sincere and open. Wearing his heart on the sleeve knitted by him mum, refusing to hide behind propaganda or rhetoric, saying what is.

Yesterday I poked fun at my brother by comparing JC via absurd hyperbole with Nazism.

Today I see Jonathan Sachs, former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom sniping at JC; himself a Thatcherite I am frustrated by this bat and ball and name-calling.

To date I have regarded the JC media whitewash as a reaction to Brexit, an attempt to detract from the headlines; ‘Look, over there, squirrel!’ type chicanery.

I have always thought Sachs a cool guy; I even have one of his books. I went as far as disconnecting him with the orthodoxy that prevented my parent’s female rabbi from entering the cemetery to officiate at my dad’s funeral, but no.

I remember running-out of a Friday Night dinner in Jerusalem, my mind addled by imagery of Margaret Atwood and the Handmaid’s Tale as the Rebbe proclaimed the munificence of a society dominated by men.

And, now this; JC. Anti-Semite; Jew hater. Fighter for minority rights, so long as those rights aren’t Jewish.

It doesn’t make sense.

I can’t believe it.

Perhaps, as I am led to the slaughter I will reflect on the failure of my judgement; backing the wrong horse – I should have had more time to support Mrs May.



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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

3 thoughts on “Jeremy

  1. What is fuelling the fear behind the sustained attacks – coalition breakup, early election, tax rises, food shortages, larger seasonal gaps in health and social care sector servicEs? Disappointing that Dr Sachs joined in – perhaps besieged by media. Margaret Atwood for PM!

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